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    Beautiful! So Damn Erotic! 😌  (LoneStranger Remix)

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    Logan Vaughn

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    Shock! Faggot Johnny Rapid gang banged and used as a cum rag by a bunch of queens…AGAIN!

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    I love my man :)

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    Andrew Christian’s Angels vs Demons

    I can relate to the struggle here… not so much as between good and bad but between good and good… my desires… what I want… both sides… the “forbidden” man2man… the “accepted” man2woman… the good in both… the desires I have for both… torn… pulled… wrestling… desiring… tasting both sides… needing both sides…  good and good….

    [oh and a side note to this:  read what I wrote on my adam2adam blogspot about the insight a friend on tumblr wanted me to share… for whatever that is worth LOL]

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